Enthusiasm Since 2005

PKK was founded in 2005 by three top attorneys at law. Two of them had practised law in a top worldwide law firm and one in the major Czech law firm. PKK office is located in the Tyrš House.

PKK has gained a strong position on the on the Czech legal market. PKK ranked among established firms, competing with them keenly with its first class legal services. Ever Since 2007, PKK has been a member of the European Law Firm (www.european-law-firm.com), a network of top European law firms. Therefore, we are able to procure high quality legal services in many European countries. Also, we cooperate with several law firms in the USA through which we arrange services of our clients overseas.


Top Quality Legal Services

The PKK team, relying on a combination of international experience, brilliant knowledge and skills in domestic advocacy, has gradually expanded in recent years and presently the number of lawyers working in our firm is more than 20.

PKK and its lawyers have won numerous national and international awards, becoming increasingly attractive to clients due to its stability and good reputation. Gradually, PKK has acquired superior expertise in a number of specialised areas where it can compete with the most prestigious rivals. Nevertheless, the greatest advantage of PKK is specifically based on the versatile and virtually unlimited range of legal services which can be provided to clients due to its staffing structure.



We improve ourselves continually, as we intend to provide the best legal services quickly and efficiently. However, you also can affect the PKK’s future.

Follow the recommendations of our existing clients, come to our law firm and entrust your legal affairs in the hands of PKK. We will do everything possible for you also becoming our satisfied clients, further recommending our services. A well done job and you being satisfied is the most valued reward for us. We are ready to work on your success. Share our future with us!

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